Digital Learning

Embracing the Digital Age

The society in which our students are expected to succeed has seen revolutionary changes in technology, social, political and environmental. These significant issues and the demands of the global marketplace have dramatically affected the knowledge base now expected of graduating seniors.

Our students are twenty-first century learners. They have grown up as part of a generation that has never known a world without the internet, computers or mobile devices.

Growing up in the information age, they are digital learners. We under stand this and have intergrated our learning environment to include digital technologies, book-based and in-person learning.

Technology is a resource that our students utilise in their personal and everyday lives with ease and efficiency. Our 21st century learers are always ‘switched-on’; always connected, often multi-tasking, via various devices. For them the incorporation of technology in their educational experience is natural and expected. If our class­rooms do not implement every day technology, we are doing our students a disservice.

Our school has adopted a flexible and collaborative style of learning. Our classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards, our teachers are encouraged to use multiple platforms to enhance the learning experience for our students.

Anytime-anywhere learning

Our students are sometimes referred to as ‘digital natives’ and their learning environment is no longer curtailed to the classroom.

The use of technology allows us to bring real examples of Science, History, Geography, Art, Music and so much more instantly into the classroom.

They can visit museums and art galleries, compose music. Make notes in the margins of electronic books without defacing the book itself. Learning should be immersive and interactive, and technology allows us to do this.

We encourage our students to use their devices as a research tool to further enhance their skills and knowledge.

We utilise Google classroom as an online resource for teachers and students to communicate, share homework and additional notes. Each student is issued a school email on enrolling for this specific use.

Devices introduce the concept of anytime-anywhere learning and encourage imagination and creativity.

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