Student Support Team (SST)

The wellbeing of our students is of paramount importance to us all in our school community. Even though the school is closed, members of our Student Support Team (SST) are still in contact with each other and our students.

The members of our SST are:

  • Mr. Kelly – Principal
  • Ms. Herbert – Deputy Principal
  • Ms. Moriarty – SST Coordinator
  • Ms. Cronin – AEN/SEN Representative
  • Ms. Liston – Guidance
  • Ms. Mulcaire – Chaplain
  • Ms. Westropp Bennett – HSCL
  • Ms. Insley – SCP
  • Mr. Finn – Junior Cycle Year Head
  • Ms. Barry – Senior Cycle Year Head
  • Ms. O’Hara – Teacher
  • Ms. Bailey – Teacher

Please email any of the SST members if you need to talk to someone or you can email and a member of the SST will respond to your email.

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