School Supports

Treoir NuaMisson Transition Programme

Our transition programme “Treoir Nua” is in its third year and has been designed to help students with the transition from primary to post-primary school.

The programme follows specific stages to ease the stress that ineviately accompanies the transition from primary school. Specific dates are outlined for submisison of application forms and receipt of acceptance letters.

Before the school commences, students and their parents/guardians are invited to attend the school for a breakfast meeting with an introduction to the schooli with additional meetings held with incoming first years prior to starting first year and a month after commencement to review the first few weeks in school.

Student Learning Support

The Student Learning Support (SLS) Department aims to provide an effective and comprehensive support service that will enable students with special educational needs to access the curriculum and achieve their full potential.

The SLS team provides assistance to students, through early identification, specialist tuition and close liaison with parents, subject teachers, class tutors, year heads and parents/guardians.

Students who are supported by the SLS Department include individuals who have been identified by a psychologist or health care professional as having a Specific Learning Difficulty (e.g. Dyslexia), Developmental Co-ordination Disorder (Dyspraxia), Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD /ADHD), Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Speech and Language Difficulties, mild General Learning Difficulties or those whose learning has been affected by a Physical Difficulty.

Other students who are struggling with the demands of the curriculum may also be eligible for short-term interventions.

Pastoral Care

The School will support parents / guardians by communicating to them about their child’s progress and development, assisting with guidance of how best to help their child academically.

The school offers counsellers to help our students with family and personal difficulties.

Subject teachers along with class tutors and Year heads take the major responsibility for the pastoral care of students in the school. Subject teachers are in contact with their students on a daily basis and can bring concerns to the class tutor or year head. Tutor time is held each week, student journals are checked and issues arising can be addressed.

The school has a School Completion Programme Coordinator. This programme encourages students with poor attendance to attend school and provides support structures for these students.

The Principal and Deputy Principal are kept informed of potential difficulties and act with the Student Support Team to either prevent or remediate difficulties.

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