School Supports – Special Education

Rang Fionn & Rang Oisín

We are fortunate to have two Autism classes in our school. Autism classes are attached to mainstream classrooms but specifically cater for students attending school with a diagnosis on the autistic spectrum.

One main advantage of Rang Fionn and Rang Oisín is that, unlike mainstream school classes, they have a much lower student-teacher ratio and also receive specific SNA support. This ensures that there is as much support as possible for students to develop and achieve their full potential. Additionally, special classes provide the opportunity for students to follow the curriculum at pace and level appropriate to them and to participate in mainstream activities and classes where they are able.

Students will sit the Junior Certificate, Leaving Certificate or Leaving Certificate Applied.

Rang Danu

This is our new class for Deaf & Hard of Hearing students. It will provide equality and access to mainstream subjects for students.

More information will be available shortly.

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