Pastoral Care – Students

Subject teachers along with class tutors and Year heads take the major responsibility for the pastoral care of students in the school. Subject teachers are in contact with their students on a daily basis and can bring concerns to the class tutor or year head. Tutor time is held each week, student journals are checked and issues arising can be addressed.

The AEN/SEN team, including the Special Needs Assistants, are involved in ensuring that students who have behavioural or learning difficulties are enabled through group or individual intervention to develop to their full potential.

The school has a School Completion Programme Coordinator. This programme encourages students with poor attendance to attend school and provides support structures for these students.

The Principal and Deputy Principal are kept informed of potential difficulties and act with the Student Support Team to either prevent or remediate difficulties.

The Student Support Team is made up of the Principal, Deputy Principal, Guidance Counsellor, School Chaplain, HSCL, SCP Coordinator, AEN/SEN team member and a Year head from Junior and Senior Cycle. They meet twice a week to discuss student issues and concerns and issue a SST list to all teaching & SNA staff.

Student Leadership is encouraged through the work of the Students’ Council and Year Prefects. Students are encouraged to strive for excellence in all school activities and the fulfillment of potential. This is encouraged through the school awards structure and the provision of a vibrant extra-curricular and co-curricular programme.

Specific student health concerns are brought to the staff’s attention. Appropriate staff in-service training will be carried out to provide information and support to enable staff to deal with individual students.