Living Our Motto

Learning Your Way

In Coláiste Iósaef, it is of paramount importance that all students, staff and members of our school community are treated with respect and integrity.

We hope to create and maintain an environment that is warm and friendly yet conducive to learning.

This approach is reflected in our College Dignity Charter.

The recognition and acknowledgment of the different learning styles of our students are equally as important. Studies have identified eight different learning styles:

  • The Linguistic Learner
  • The Naturalist
  • The Musical or Rhythmic Learner
  • The Kinesthetic Learner
  • The Visual or Spatial Learner
  • The Logical or Mathematical Learner
  • The Interpersonal Learner
  • The Intrapersonal Learner

Our teachers provide differentiated learning strategies to cater for the diverse learning styles of the students in their care and promote a culture of students taking responsibility for their own learning, a key principle of the new Junior Cycle programme. We encourage our students to become effective lifelong learners with the use of practical learning tips, strategies and exercises.