Student Voice

On a national level the NCCA, JCT and the Department Education have been consulting with students on the reforms that are taking place across Early Childhood, Primary and Post-Primary Education. Students are the best placed to provide feedback on these reforms as they will be engaging with the new modern curriculum and will in turn benefit most from these changes.

In CIK we encourage the Student Voice to play an active role in many of the day to day issues that arise in the school. On the most basic level the Student Voice is engaged in the classroom in discussing the topics they are learning. This voice provides the teacher with an insight into how students are progressing and also provides for an active and engaging classroom.

Outside of the classroom the Student Voice is encouraged ‘to have a say’ and an input in to issues that affect them as integral members of the CIK community. The Student Council play an essential role in this. These students are elected by their classmates and nominated by their teachers to represent the student body. On behalf of the student body, they voice their opinions, issues and concerns to teachers and school management. This dialogue empowers the students allowing them to truly have a voice informing the direction of the development of their educational environment.

In recent years the Student Voice has been consulted on and have had input in to such things as changes to the school uniform, raising money for charity, canteen food options, guest speakers, the school bullying policies, teacher feedback and many more.

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