Coláiste Iósaef – School Planning

As a school, the need for planning is of paramount importance. The needs of our students and staff are addressed in our approach to learning and teaching.

Key areas of planning in Coláiste Iósaef include the following:

Delivering Equality of Opportunity in Schools (DEIS)

We are a DEIS status school. To learn more about DEIS, click on this link

Looking at Our School (LAOS)

Looking at Our School 2022: A Quality Framework for Post-Primary Schools1 is a framework that provides a shared understanding of what effective and highly effective learning, teaching, leadership and management practices look like in the Irish school system. It follows on from the 2016 publication of the same name and provides a unified and coherent set of standards for two dimensions of the work of schools:

• Learning and Teaching
• Leadership and Management

It is designed for teachers and for school leaders to use in implementing the most effective and engaging learning and teaching approaches and in enhancing the quality of leadership and management in their schools. It is intended to be used by schools to support their engagement with the six-step school self-evaluation (SSE) process.

The quality framework will be used to inform the work of inspectors as they monitor and report on quality in schools. Different types of inspection will draw on the elements of the framework that are most relevant to the focus of the inspection. In this way, while the framework will be used flexibly, it will ensure consistency in Inspectorate evaluations.

You can learn more about LAOS at this link

New Junior Cycle (JC)

You can learn more about the revised Junior Cycle at this link

Digital Literacy Strategy (DLS)

You can learn more about School Digital Literacy Strategy at this link

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