School App V6

Click on this link for a video guide to download and register Version 6 of our school app – School App

The school app combines easy connectivity with rich and relevant content developed by Unique Publishing that will support, inspire and guide our students to achieve more.

Our app is fully personalised and provides students, teachers, parents and the wider community with an exciting new medium to share our school ethos, information and events.

Download the CIK APP

Please click on this link for the Set Up Guide

What are the benefits of the App?

1. Connect teachers, parents & students. Anytime. Anywhere.
Our school app connects parents, teachers, students and the wider community anywhere, anytime. The app provides everyone in the family with an instant, single point of contact while enabling schools to coordinate and manage activities in less time, with less cost and securely.

2. Inspire students to make the most of every day.
Our school app connects students to resources and content that supports and inspires them every day. We have developed a library of content covering health, lifestyle and motivation that is accessible through the app providing daily inspiration.

3. Guide your students as they grow from year to year.
The content you receive can be tailored to each year or area of interest to ensure that only information that is timely and relevant is presented to students and parents. The app is also tailored to meet the individual needs of our school providing a consistent, yet evolving point of contact for students and their families through school and beyond.

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