Safe & Supportive Learning Environment

It is important that we provide a Safe & Supportive Learning Environment (SSLE) for all in our school community. The following are just some of the supports, policies and programmes we promote and engage with.

Dignity Charter

In 2018, members of our school community drafted and agreed our first Dignity Charter. You can view it by clicking on CIK Dignity Charter.


The DES anti-bullying procedures recommend a school wide approach to dealing with bullying behaviour as a key element of best practice. 

Key to addressing bullying, within the school environment, is the fostering of an ethos under which bullying is unacceptable. A school wide anti-bullying ethos is enhanced and supported by:

  • The development of a school wide anti-bullying policy.
  • A climate that encourages the disclosure of bullying behaviour.
  • Anti-bullying awareness raising measures amongst teachers, students and parents.
  • A school wide agreement regarding procedures and supports.
  • Collaboration with local agencies.
  • Ongoing evaluation of the overall effectiveness of the anti-bullying work.

In CIK we hold a Friendship (anti-bullying) week once a year. The main theme is always inclusion of all in our school community, and raising awareness for our students that they are powerful agents for good and encourage individual and collective action to stop bullying.

During Friendship Week all students are given presentations from teachers and sometimes from their own peers. A discussion on issues raised during the presentation follows. The presentations are chosen to be suitable for the age and stage of our students.

If you wish to report bullying behaviuor, you can submit a form by clicking on Bullying Report Form.

You can also view the following:

CIK Anti-Bullying Policy

Anti-Bullying Review Checklist and Notification

One Good School – JIGSAW

Safe and Supportive Schools Project

Amber Flag


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