Colaiste Iosaef Academic Curriculum


Active learning is at the heart of our educational philosophy in our bright, spacious and modern campus. The vision of our broad curriculum is to provide a firm foundation for life for all our students.

We strive to offer a curriculum rooted in the traditional subjects, enhanced with modern and creative subjects to provide a broad and balanced education. We want to inspire, to provide opportunities for personal development and the space for the child to explore and grow beyond the taught curriculum.

Academic Curriculum

Our school curriculum consists of the Junior Cycle, Senior Cycle, Leaving Cert Applied, Leaving Cert Vocational Programme and Transition Year.

We aim to

  • build on the students’ prior learning by offering an interesting and comprehensive curriculum
  • develop the student’s natural curiosity by providing an environment that allows for
  • a commitment to small class sizes
  • constant learning programmes in place for our staff utilising current educational research
  • regular student assessments and contact with parents to ensure high standards are maintained
  • Innovative first years programme to aid the transition from primary school
  • dedicated careers programme
  • strong commitment to the personal development of students with a strong pastoral support programme
  • foster a culture of mutual respect between student and staff

Non-Academic Curriculum

Student life at CIK is an enriching and holistic one encompassing a wide range of co-curricular activities; with the aim to foster a growth mindset and develop leadership qualities in all our students. Explore our student wellbeing programme further.

“Education has a deep and fundamental role in getting people to identify and connect with their talents.” Sir Ken Robinson

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